Chief Deputy Maj. Fred Coomes, Unit 273

Serving McLean County Since 2010

Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky Since 2000




Sergeant George Ballard, Unit 272

Serving McLean County Since 2013

Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky Since 1989

Evidence Officer, Property Officer & Training Coordinator

Patrol Supervisor



Deputy Justin Dockery, Unit 279

Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 2013

ARIDE Certified


K-9 Deputy Cpl. Anthony Howard, Unit 277

Serving McLean County Since 2012

Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1988

Certified Firearms Instructor

Certified Shoot House Instructor

Certified Armorer

K-9 Officer, Criminal Interdiction & Patrol

K-9 "K i l o"



Deputy Tim McCoy, Unit 276

Serving McLean County Since 2008

Criminal Interdiction & Patrol

2013-2014 K-9 Officer with "Chezcko" prior to K-9's Retirement see below


SRO Deputy Jeff Palmer, Unit 281

School Resource Officer

Seriving McLean County since 2000

Serving the Commonwealth since 1988

Detective Brad McDaniel, Unit 274

Serving McLean County Since 2016

Seriving the Commonwealth of Ky since 2005

Serving as Detective since 2019

K-9 "Katy" Medically retired


Deputy Ben Aders, Unit 275

Serving McLean County Since 2015

Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky Since 2013

Patrol Training Officer

ARIDE Certified




Deputy Kyle Stroud, Unit 271

Serving since 2016



K-9 "Kilo" (Belgium Malinois)

Serving McLean County Since 2014

Criminal Interdiction & Patrol

Handler: K-9 Officer Anthony Howard

Kilo was imported from a top bloodline breeder in Romania

and trained in the United States by K9 Working Dogs International, LLC

located in Langford Kansas.

K-9 "Katy" (German Shepherd) Medically Retired

Retired K-9 "Chezcko"

Officially Retired from the McLean County Sheriff's Office December 23, 2014


Chezcko is happily retired living the good life at home with his handler/owner Deputy Tim McCoy.  Since Chezcko was assigned Patrol with Deputy McCoy it was a natural choice for him to retire with his last handler.  Although Chezcko was at the top of his game his medical issues involving his hips were the reason for retirement.  Chezcko's bark is greatly missed on the radio by us all.  Happy Retirement buddy!


- The McLean County Deputies & Dispatchers

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